"Marc's creative and professional work reflects a sincere dedication to provide the best product possible." 

- Owen Snyder 


"My company needed a series of headshots for our website. Marc was professional, helpful and easy to work with. In under an hour he was able to put together five individual headshots and one group photo that we are proud to display on our site." - Jim Poole at NuCalm, Inc.


"I was reminded of Annie Liebowitz' work when I first looked at the proofs that Marc made for our band's promotional photoshoot. Amazing." - Gary Cherone (Extreme/Van Halen/Hurtsmile)


"This was the second year in a row that Marc took our son's photograph for the holidays. What a great experience and super photos! Highly recommended! We'll be going back soon for a family shot. Two thumbs up." - Johanna Brooks


Azara Healthcare

Be Good 2 Yourself

National Football League

RCX Sports

Newton Area Flag Football

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller

Mike Previti

i30 Media Corporation

NuCalm Inc.

Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen, Hurtsmile)

Jason Landry at Huffington Post

Nurturing Minds

International Portuguese Music Awards

Houston Bernard Band

Beth Menachem Chabad of Newton

New England Yachad

Metro Boston Sports Group

Kaleidoscope Band

Pat Badger (Extreme, Dark Desert Eagles)

City of Newton

Surefire Band

John M. Barry Boys and Girls Club

Perkins School for the Blind

Rod the Long Bone Band

Wintrop Blues Blues Festival

Albie Cullen

Alejandro Escovedo

Jam Demont

South Shore Music Conservatory

Down the Road Brewery

Mario Perrett's Boston Music Circus

Yarmouth Camp Ground Association

Ana Vera Designs, Inc.

Burr Elementary School PTO

The Great One - Donna Pitts

Historic Newton Society

Understanding Our Differences, Inc.

the Presti Group


Alpert family

Arndt family

Benites family

Bleicher family

Blomgren family

Bove, C.

Brashears family

Cadge family

Cantuti-Castelvetri, I.

Carr family,

Chen family

Coccoluto Family

Coller family

Colvin-Duffy family

Coomber family

DeStefano family

DiStefano, L.

Durkin family

Dwyer family

Faby family

Frameau family

Frankel family

Garrity family

Gelormini, M.

Goldhammer family

Greenstein family

Groshek family

Hammer family

Hong family

Haydon family

Huntley-Erickson family

Jomaa family

Koker family

Kuehn, E.

Lerner family

Levine family

Lockeby family

Manchester family

Manne family

Marchalonis family

McGrarry family

McIntyre family

McLaughlin family

Meyer family

Montgomery family

Nese family

Newton-Brooks family

O'Keefe, J.

Olsberg family

Passeggio family

Pecnik Brown family

Poole family

Portuondo family

Previti, B.

Previti, M.

Ranivich family

Rauch, K.

Rosen family

Roychowdhury, S.

Sachs family

Secor family


Snyder family

Tabarra family

Taylor family

Tierney-Thurber family

Tolman, M.

Toussaint family

Sheridan family

Vazquez family

Volman family

Warren, J.

Wasinger family

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Xayaveth family

Yuen family

Ysasi, E.

Zimmerman family


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