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It's easy to accumulate a large amount of photos on your camera or cellphone, even while just casually navaigating a normal day. Not too many people have the time to sift through and sort their images, let alone edit them. I can help with organizing your images, choosing the best of the lot and of course editing them! Using a mix of editing software like Photoshop, let me help you preserve and showcase your memories and to make sure that your photos look the best that they can.  



What are you doing with all of the digital videos that are trapped on your phone or computer's hard drives? If you're like most people, they're hidden away and are randomly viewed after creating them. Using Adobe Premiere Rush, I can help you edit your treasured videos and showcase them in a movie format with text and graphics so that you can be proud to share them with your friends and family.



Do you have analog recordings on tape cassettes and want them transferred to mp3s? Or, do you have digital audio recordings that you'd like edited? I can do that too!



It's an ever-evolving world with social media. The trends come and go and it's a challenge to keep up with knowing what to do and when. It should be fun and not frustrating. I would love to help you understand more about your own media platforms and how to manage them. Of course, I can help you create eye-catching imagery for your posts using Canva and other software programs.  



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