It's my goal to have your time in front of the camera to be relaxed, fun and ultimately stress free. I seek to capture natural expressions and your true self. I will always encourage you to have fun and enjoy yourself. I want to have fun too!




I enjoy working on-location in and around Boston, public parks and scenic areas using available ambient light. I also enjoy working in private residences and businesses. I may supplement ambient light with continuous lighting or traditional flash. Outdoor sessions are typically scheduled during the “Golden Hour”, when lighting conditions are most-ideal. Early morning or just before dusk is optimal.




I strive to ensure that you are captured appropriately and respectfully. Some simple tips to help your session run smoothly include choosing clothing void of busy patterns, large graphics or logos. Coordinating colors goes a long way too. Make sure that you floss and brush teeth before the session. If you need to shave, do it the night before. Razor burn never looks good. Bring a trusted friend to help with hair and makeup.




I happily customize each session to each client's specific needs. Pricing and fees are determined by the time needed to complete the actual photoshoot and by what is requested as a final product. All sessions begin at $200. Once a quote has been established and agreed upon by both parties, a 20% down payment will be requested to lock-in the session. The fee in non-refundable, should the client cancel within 48 hours. However, the down payment can still be used towards a future session.


No matter what, we'll make your session work!





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